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Worship Leader Coaching

Worship leaders are the most platformed leaders in the church. Worship and creative teams are the most visible to the congregation and guests. According to national surveys, the music and worship culture is the #2 deciding factor if a first-time visitor will return (your preaching is #1 of course!)

Worship leader coaching covers subjects such as:

  • creating a worship culture (engaging worship experience that isn’t overboard)
  • activating and developing creatives (never scramble for another drummer)
  • building a team and structuring for growth (auditions. rehearsals and team management)

Children’s Ministry Director Coaching

Children’s ministry is arguably the most important ministry in the church, yet it often gets a reputation for the highest turn over of volunteers and leaders. In fact, the national average for a children’s pastor is less than a year long! The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Your kids’ ministry is just a few tweaks away from becoming the most fun department in the church with the most volunteers.

  • creating a dream team that always has enough volunteers (this is the secret sauce)
  • structures and systems for health and growth (burn out is a real factor)
  • best practices for partnering with parents (kids that beg their parents to bring them back to church)
  • developing/choosing the right curriculum
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