"This course will help your church grow 20%"

This course will help you grow 20%

Last year 20 pastors started meeting once a month with an audacious goal, "What if our churches could grow by 20% in one year... by reaching the UNCHURCHED?" By the grace of God, everyone who graduated that course grew by 20% or more and the Momentum Course was born! 


- Why Church Marketing Matters

- 5 Myths of Church Growth

- 4 Spaces Every Church Must have to Grow

- Developing Volunteer Leaders

- Developing Leaders who Lead Others

- Creating a 12 Month Momentum Calendar


Better Preaching: How to Communicate to the Unchurched

ABCs of Church Marketing: Christan Parrerira DM Saddleback Church 

(FREE) Session One: Why Marketing Matters

FAQ about video courses

What is the difference between Video Courses and Coaching Groups?

Video courses are designed for you to watch at your convenience. Each video builds upon the next and can be viewed at any time from any device. Online Coaching Groups are interactive with live coaches over the ZOOM video platform. Coaching sessions are typically 90 minutes and meet once a month. 

What is the refund policy?

If you don't find a Video Course helpful, we will refund your money, no questions asked. Coaching Groups, however, are non-refundable because space is limited.

Can I share videos with my friends or team?

Yes, as long as you are logged in from your account. Videos are not available for download, only video stream. You can, however, purchase as a gift and send the viewing link to a team member.