NEW Online Coaching Groups Starting October, 11th

@justicecoleman @freedomchurch 

 “If you don’t do something soon, your church is going to close.”

He was right. I had moved my wife and 6 month old baby to a new city to start a new church and things were not going as expected. We had put everything on the line and couldn’t be more excited about reaching people who were far from God, but our attendance was under 100 and it was time to be real with myself about how our church was in decline.

Fast forward 6 months later and we were reaching the unchurch, cranking over 200 every Sunday and added a second service.

Now that our church is reaching thousands, I created the Momentum Course to help pastors like me when I first started... we love Jesus and people, we just need a little guidance on the systems of leading a church.

Last year I invited 20 pastors into a coaching group with a crazy prayer and goal. What if all our churches could grow 20% in one year by reaching the unchurched? 

We met once a month and went through my course and guess what happened? Every one of the pastors that finished the course grew by over 20% and many by much more than that! In fact, my own church grew over 20% and we launched a third location.

The Momentum Course was born!

NEW Online Group Starts Friday, Oct. 11. Only 5 spots lefts.

All groups are facilitated over the ZOOM video platform via smartphone or computer.