The Team


"I remember starting a church in my apartment with 7 friends and feeling so alone. My wife and I loved Jesus, but we quickly realized we were going to need some guidance from other pastors to help us. About one year into our church plant I was turned onto a coaching group in San Jose and it was just what I needed. I started flying up there once a month and began learning all the things I didn't even know I need to know! Fast forward 7 years later and I've been in a different coaching group every year: tele-coaching, online, cohorts, zoom... every year I try to surround myself with the people other pastors who are ahead of us. I always knew I would start my own coaching group because coaching has changed my life and ministry more than anything else and I just want to give back." - Justice Coleman

MCG has always been about pastors helping other pastors get those barriers out of the way. The group started in 2018 with our founder, Justice Coleman and quickly expanded to more pastors with specialize areas of expertise.





Justice Coleman @justicecoleman @freedomchurch

In 2011, Justice and Maria started Freedom Church in their apartment with 7 friends and a focus to help people experience God by keeping faith UNcomplicated. To their bewilderment, God blew their small dream out of the water and their congregation outgrew houses, laundromats, an Irish pub, karate dojo, high schools and eventually a central location called the Freedom Center with 2 additional multi-site locations. Most importantly over 5,000 people have made a first-time decision to follow Jesus and over 1,000 baptized. Justice is the author of the book UNcomplicated: Faith for the Rest of Us and the founder of Momentum Coaching Group, an organization that resources church leaders to help break growth barriers by reaching the unchurched. Justice and Maria have been married 13 years and have 3 children.


 Lisa Pham / @lisaepham /

Lisa Pham has served in Kid’s Ministry for the past 20 years. As an Editor at Gospel Light, she created a 2 year Preschool curriculum as well as a 4 year Elementary program for Large Group/Small Groups. Lisa has spoken at conferences around the country training kid’s ministry directors and continues to write for magazines like KidzMatter and Children’s Ministry Magazine. Currently, Lisa and her husband Anson are excited to be a part of a new church plant in Sunland-Tujunga with Freedom Church.

Marc Wymore / @marcwymore /

(Mark has not submitted his bio yet... typical creative leader, am I right?)


Daniel Fernadez / @danfernan /

Daniel has had the privilege working in youth ministry for 13-years now. With ministry experience in 3 different states, varying cultures, all-sized churches he’s learned some keys for building a thriving and lasting youth ministry. He’s always had a focus on helping youth pastors and this coaching group is his opportunity to be able to pass on some of the things he’s learned over the years. We cant do this alone and his hope is to be able to play a part in your growth to the next level.